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What is Mod-Gearman

Mod-Gearman is a Naemon (formerly Nagios) addon which extends Naemon to run scalable and distributed setups. Worker nodes can be placed all over your network while keeping the simplicity of a central configuration. Mod-Gearman can even help to reduce the load on a single Naemon host, because of its smaller and more efficient way of executing host- and servicechecks.


  • Reduce load of your central Naemon machine
  • Make Naemon scalable up to thousands of checks per second
  • Easy distributed setups without configuration overhead. (central configuration)
  • Real loadbalancing across all workers
  • Real failover for redundant workers
  • Embedded Perl support for very fast execution of Perl scripts
  • Fast transport of passive check results with included tools like send_gearman and send_multi